Photos of no-one get more likes than photos of men, study finds

It's a bad day to be an internet guy

Christopher Hooton
Wednesday 04 March 2015 17:10

It's widely known that women's selfies tend to do better than men's on social media, but it turns out that photos of dudes are so unpopular they would fare better if there were no-one in them at all.

50,000 users were studied by, which found a stark gender divide.

Photos with men in them averaged nine likes, photos with women in them averaged 52 likes, while photos with no people in them averaged 10 likes.

The study was designed to help people determine their 'LPS' (Like Per Selfie) rate, presumably to help them quantify what is a successful post or else frighten them into doing something more worthwhile with their time. looks pretty dating-orientated - generally the dominion of the lonely male (though no less sociologically interesting) - so different results might be found with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, but a gender skew would still be likely.

The study also found that images posted on Wednesday between 4 and 6pm received the highest volume of likes, America's east coast out-selfied the west coast 2:1 and men take an average of two photos per day compared with four for women.

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