9 essential pieces of kit to pack for a UK road trip

Friday 06 May 2016 14:12

Summer is coming, and holiday season is upon us. But for many people, that means something much more terrifying – a road trip with a car full of people, all of whom need to be kept happy. Thankfully, there are a host of gadgets and gizmos to keep everyone content – and quiet – on those journeys.

1. Satnav

As well as giving dependable directions, most satnavs have a range of other features to help on long trips. For example, it helps you find the most convenient petrol stations and make efficient stops.

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2. Mobile phone holder

If you can’t justify a dedicated navigation system for your car, the smart phone in your pocket can work just as well. A mobile phone holder on your dash partnered with Google maps is a great, inexpensive stand-in for a satnav. As a bonus, some holders also include a port to charge your phone at the same time.

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3. Power Adapter

Statistica.com estimates that the number of internet connected devices is to hit 4.3 per person by 2020. If you’ve got a car full of people, then you have a lot of devices that need charging. Save the squabbling over a tired old cord and invest in a power adapter.

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4. Travel kits

It never hurts to be prepared – but if you do get hurt, it helps to have a portable First Aid kit. They’re inexpensive and give you peace of mind to deal with those little scrapes. Partner it with jump leads and a tyre repair kit and you’re ready for almost any on-the-road mishap.

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5. Bluetooth music receiver

There’s no technology that can put an end to arguments about what music should be playing in the car, but there is technology to make it easier to play. Adding a Bluetooth receiver to your stereo will let anyone pair their device to play music in the car.

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6. DVD player

As every family that has ever embarked on a long road trip knows, the secret to a successful journey is happily occupied children. Try entertaining the kids with a portable DVD player that attaches to the headrest, and never again will you have to hear the dreaded “are we there yet?”

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7. Cooler bag

On those long hot road trips there’s nothing more refreshing than a chilled drink. When you’re on the open road with nowhere to stop, a cooler bag can be ideal for keeping your perishable picnic at the perfect temperature.

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8. Car roof box

Having a roof box means never having to decide between bringing the cricket set or the paddling pool. If you’ve ever been crammed in the back seat with too much luggage, you’ll know how valuable they are.

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9. Dash cam

A dashboard camera is the kind of tech you hope you’ll never need, but it could prove important if an accident does happen. The device records everything that happens on the road from your dashboard.

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