Meet the Instagram-famous travel blogging couple who get paid up to £7,000 to post a single photo

Jack Morris and Girlfriend Lauren Bullen earn six-figure salaries promoting products and locations on Instagram

Rosie Fitzmaurice
Sunday 30 April 2017 15:19

At only 26 and 24 respectively, Jack Morris and his girlfriend Lauren Bullen are Instagram sensations.

The young couple live an incredible life travelling the world, while earning six-figure salaries promoting brands and locations through their photo feeds.

Between them they have racked up more than 3 million Instagram followers under the names of their successful travel blogs -- Morris, who is originally from Manchester, is behind the blog Do You Travel, while Australian-born Bullen writes Gypsea Lust.

The loved-up duo, who celebrated their one-year anniversary two weeks ago, met in Fiji while working together on a job. They now live in Bali, Indonesia.

Morris told Cosmopolitan he once earned $9,000 (£7,200) for a single post on Instagram, while Bullen has received $7,500 (£6,000) for one photo. Morris added that he won't post for less than $3,000 (£2,400).

Deals with international brands are the ones that really add up, however -- a phone company once paid Morris $35,000 (£28,105) for two days of filming and five Instagram photos. "You can see how it racks up pretty quickly," he said.

Bullen caused a media storm with a November 2016 blog post, where she claimed she had discovered a copycat Instagrammer who was following her around the globe imitating her images. For some, the story didn't quite add up, causing speculation over whether the whole thing was a publicity stunt.

No matter what the story is, the pictures are pretty incredible.

Scroll down for a sneak peek at their insane life, which has taken them to some of the most stunning destinations in the world.

Meet Jack Morris, 26, and girlfriend Lauren Bullen, 24, the couple who earn six-figure salaries by promoting products and locations on Instagram as they travel the world.

Brands and tourist boards are willing to pay big for a post.

The couple, who met in Fiji in March 2016, have achieved a lot in a short amount of time -- they celebrated their one-year anniversary two weeks ago.

The pair have racked up more than three million followers between them by sharing stunning photos in incredible settings.

They are also both successful bloggers. Morris, who now runs the blog "Do You Travel," left school at 17 and worked a nine to five carpet cleaning job before packing it in at 21 and buying a one-way ticket to Bangkok, where his adventure began.

He took a chance on Instagram as a way of making money when his savings started to run out, and started a business reposting images of niche brands from different accounts, he told Cosmopolitan.

The accounts grew fast, but Morris got tired of being tied to his phone and decided to sell all but one of his accounts, which by this point already had hundreds of thousands of followers.

He used the money from the sale to continue travelling, and began to post his own photos to his own account. As his follower base grew, brands and tourist boards began to approach him for sponsored content jobs.

One of these jobs took him to Fiji, where he met Bullen, who was doing the same thing. They instantly clicked. Bullen, who is from northern New South Wales, Australia, has a deep passion for travelling and photography, which is clear in her blog Gypsea Lust.

Morris wrote on his blog: "We got on so well from day one and were inseparable throughout the whole trip. On our last night in Fiji I asked her to come to Bali with me, she said yes and we've been together ever since!"

Their work has taken them to some idyllic locations where they stay in luxury retreats, like this treehouse villa in Phuket, Thailand.

The couple recently travelled to Kenya to celebrate Bullen's 24th birthday where they had breakfast with giraffes.

They've also seen some stunning Mediterranean destinations, such as Santorini.

When they're not travelling, they live together in Bali.

They won't post a photo on Instagram for less than $3,000 (£2,400), they told Cosmopolitan. The most Morris has earned for a single post is $9,000 (£7,200), and for Bullen it's $7,500 (£6,000).

Source: Cosmopolitan

Morris has also worked on some major deals with international brands. One paid him $35,000 (£28,105) for five Instagram pictures.

Source: Cosmopolitan

So how do they take such stunning photos? Not with any apps or filters -- "I edit using Lightroom on my MacBook Pro," Morris said.

Source: Do You Travel

As far as his advice for first time bloggers, he says: "Don't plan too much. If you're gonna go backpacking book a one-way flight and a room for your first night. Be sociable and meet new people."

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