The five worst airports in the world

With the news that New York’s crummy LaGuardia Airport is to be rebuilt, Simon Calder brings you those other airports that may be worth a wide berth

Simon Calder@SimonCalder
Tuesday 28 July 2015 21:35

5: Jomo Kenyatta, Nairobi

Africa has some excellent hub airports, including Addis Ababa and Casablanca, but Kenya’s main gateway is not up to the job.

4: Geneva

Forget the stereotype of Swiss efficiency: the rapid growth of passenger numbers at the British traveller’s key Alpine airport has not been matched by much-needed investment.

3: Sheremetyevo, Moscow

Built for the 1980 Olympic Games, and heading downhill ever since.

2: Fiumicino, Rome

Even before the fire in May that cut capacity, the Italian capital’s main airport was a confusing shambles.

1: Charles de Gaulle, Paris

The layout of Continental Europe’s leading hub is bizarre, and even same-terminal transfers are awful at Air France’s base.

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