The design for the seats in the baggage hold section
The design for the seats in the baggage hold section

New plane design places passengers in baggage hold

The new design by a French aircraft manufacturer will also feature vending machines to serve you your inflight snacks

Caroline Mortimer@cjmortimer
Thursday 10 December 2015 18:41

A French aircraft manufacturer has filed a patent for a new type of windowless aeroplane which will see passengers sitting in the baggage hold.

Zodiac Aerospace has released plans which will see the lower deck of the proposed jumbo jet being converted into passenger seating - with storage found along the side of the plane in smaller “cubbies”.

The design also features vending machines built into the walls to hand out inflight meals and gigantic video screens displaying a live feed of the sky outside - captured by inbuilt cameras on the outside of the plane.

The new deck will be able to carry around 110 passengers and a staircase at each end will allow passengers to board and leave the plane quickly in case of emergency.

In the patent filing, Zodiac Aerospace said its research showed only 37 per cent of cargo space on modern aeroplanes was being used.

The firm said this could be because more people are travelling on budget airlines which charge a premium to checking in baggage.

It said: “The goal has been for the lower deck to function as more than storage of luggage or for installation of auxiliary equipment needed for operating the aircraft.

“For example, in some instances, the lower deck has been designed to host a lounge, sanitary facilities such as lavatories, related waiting areas, beds, and a galley that can deliver food up to the main deck cabin (in some instances, via an elevator in the galley area).”

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