Dylan Jones: 'Years ago I remember saying that the manbag would never catch on – now everyone has them'

Saturday 19 February 2011 01:00

All week people have been calling me Alexa. Someone at lunch at The Wolseley the other day even called me Grace Kelly. As yet I haven't been called Jane (who the Hermès Birkin was named after), but such is the predictability of my friends that it can only be a matter of time. (I'm guessing it will happen around Wednesday.)

That's right, it's exactly as you thought: I have had a bag named after me. Or, more precisely, a briefcase. What the "Dylan Jones" most certainly isn't, is a manbag, as while I understand their desirability, and their popularity among all types of men from teenagers to OAPs, I've never been a fan (I think they make men look like couriers, not that there's anything wrong with couriers, you understand, I just think it's odd that some couriers wear three-piece suits, Hugo Boss overcoats and bench-made shoes).

Many years ago I remember saying that the manbag would never catch on, and that no smart man in his right mind would be seen dead in a floppy effeminate shoulder bag, but now everyone has them, parading around like slugs after a storm.

But I digress. Over a long and completely alcohol-free lunch – I've never seen the point of drinking at lunchtime, as it seems counter-productive to anything you might want to achieve in the afternoon – Anya Hindmarch asked me if I would help her design her first men's bag. Having conquered the women's market, Anya thought she might want to dip her calfskin toe into the menswear market.

And so I did.

The "Dylan Jones" (and I should stress that I have no commercial involvement at all) is super-sleek, is made from saddle-stitched leather and woven jacquard, and has so many folders and compartments inside it, you could almost use it as a portable office (all smart phones, iPads and BlackBerrys are welcome here, even those with dodgy religious affiliations). There is even room for a copy of The Independent.

No, the "Dylan Jones" is not a battleship, an aircraft carrier or a car, but actually I'm rather chuffed. After all, do you actually know anyone who drives a "Picasso"?

Dylan Jones is the editor of 'GQ'

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