Our laughing government, Scientology and Piers Morgan: Top 10 most read articles on Independent Voices this week


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Friday 11 January 2013 17:15

1. The Welfare Bill: A government of millionaires just made the poor poorer - and laughed as they did it

With a whopping 38,000 Facebook 'likes', it's clear a lot of people agree with Owen Jones when he says:

"The cap on in-work and out-of-work benefits is the culmination of a systematic campaign by the Tories and their media allies to turn large sections of the population against each other"

2. Operation Cut for Bieber is a shame on the site that supposedly has none

An internet prank encouraged teens to cut themselves in protest against Justin Bieber’s alleged weed-smoking. This is semi-funny, until you realise the target isn’t the “Belieber phenomenon”, but impressionable kids. Then it becomes really not funny at all, says Memphis Barker.

3. The Holocaust was 'planned and carried out by psychiatrists'? The most interesting stories from the Church of Scientology

This week it's been revealed that the Church of Scientology hold a belief that "the holocaust was planned and carried out by psychiatrists." They've also denied claims that their leader called Nicole Kidman a "gold digger who had faked her conversion". And that's just this week. Here's a selection of the wildest stories from Scientology from Sian Boyle.

4. Some parents cry, I fell asleep: Les Misery of watching Les Misérables

As Les Misérables is released in cinemas today, our reviewer Andy West was less than impressed with the movie. Splitting commenters in a battle over whether they think the film will be worth watching or not, West said:

"Had I been given a guillotine I would gladly have stuck my head in it."

5. Only 30 mins cooking time, 15 min showers and no pork: landlord gives tenant ridiculous list of 31 rules

This week a tweet went viral after a young actress tweeted a list of ridiculous demands her potential landlord expected tenants to abide by. If you like long showers, pork, and entertaining friends at home - this place isn't for you.

6. My Big Fat Quiz of the Year and a case of entirely confected outrage

As it was reported that some thought the jokes on The Big Fat Quiz Of The Year were rather strong, it was revealed that not that many viewers actually complained to Ofcom. Our Independent Voices poll showed 95% of you didn't actually think the jokes went too far at all. Simon Kelner asks if there really any outrage to begin with.

7. Piers Morgan stares down the barrel in bust-up with gun nut Alex Jones

When Piers Morgan invited the man who launched a petition to deport him on to his show, we expected a lively debate. What we probably didn't expect, was the hilarious, if slightly worrying, encounter that ensued when gun nut Alex Jones shouted at Piers. Simon Kelner reflects on meeting Piers, and his American fame.

8. Anonymous comments, gutless trolls, and why it's time we all stop drinking this digital poison

We know from running the numbers on our traffic that Robert Fisk, our Middle East Correspondent, is a huge draw online. Unfortunately for him, the subjects that he writes about – the Middle East, mostly – are hugely contentious and have a tendency to draw out the worst from online trolls. In this column from Friday’s paper, he says enough is enough.

9. Exclusive: So much for the libertarians! How Ukip sacked me after I said I support equal marriage

Earlier this week Olly Neville, the former leader of Ukip’s youth wing, was sacked. He said it was because he supported equal marriage. Ukip say it was because he was a constant nuisance. When the story broke, we called him and got his agreement to write exclusively for us. This piece, giving his side of the story, generated a huge amount of vitriol and discussion in the blogosphere.

10. Yes, you're racist: The casual comments permeating Twitter

When Logan Smith started the Twitter account @YesYoureRacist to expose some disturbing comments to be found on the site, he didn't expect to find racist trends as well. Here, he exposes both the trends, and the lack of understanding about race relations.

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