Thank heavens for Louise Mensch and her foul-mouthed tweets to world leaders

Her anger at the response to King Abdullah's death sums up what many of us are thinking

Grace Dent
Monday 26 January 2015 17:58

I have a wild soft spot for Louise Mensch, mainly as I like any irascible, objectionable souls who cite causing uproar as a gentle pastime.

Thank heavens for Mensch in the days following the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, as Britain’s church and state bowed and scraped their condolences in a manner appropriate to the passing of a Nelson Mandela or an Oskar Schindler, and not that of the leader of a country where women are beheaded in the street, bloggers flogged, and his own four daughters are held captive.

I think Mensch spoke for many of us when Cameron offered his “thoughts and prayers” on Twitter by replying FUCK YOU. In the same spirit of diplomacy Mensch gave The Queen, Prince Charles and Barack Obama similar short shrift.

Je Suis Femme, Mensch tweeted, triuphantly. Me too, Louise, me too.

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