April Fools! Did you fall for any?


Laura Davis
Monday 01 April 2013 12:24

In case you didn't notice, today is April Fools' Day.

If you didn't know, there's a chance you might have already fallen for one of these...but as it's after midday, we'll let you in on a few pranks of the morning.

YouTube's farewell

YouTube announced it's the end, as they're close to finding a winner:
"Tonight at midnight, YouTube.com will no longer be accepting entries."

"We started YouTube in 2005 as a contest with a simple goal to find the best video in the world. We had no idea we'd get such a great response..."

Google Nose

The new scentsation in search. "Google Nose leverages new and existing technologies to offer the sharpest olfactory experience available".

Fancy a whiff of garlic breath?

N mre vwls n Twttr

Twitter announced that consonants will be free in future - but you'll have to upgrade and pay for vowels. T1ght b8st8rds!

Virgin's glass-bottomed plane

Richard Branson blogged that Virgin will be introducing planes which let you look down below through a glass panel, sending shivers to acrophobics everywhere.

No more prison odours

Due to a prisoner report showing 83% of prisoners said that odorous toilet excretions were hampering their ability to relax, all prisoners in England and Wales are to be given free supplies of odour neutralisers.

Spotted any more good ones? Let us know in the comments below.

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