Cardiff named best city to be young in the UK


Friday 04 October 2013 13:29
Cardiff Castle
Cardiff Castle

A new poll has named Cardiff the best city in the UK to be aged between 18-30.

So what's so special about Cardiff? Well, here are a few reasons young people seem to love it.

Job satisfaction

70 per cent of Cardiff residents said they loved their current job (or if unemployed their last job).


People put away an average of £231 each month. That’s 41 per cent higher than the national average.


You’ll also be earning slightly more working in Cardiff - an average of £21,585 a year compared with the national average of £21,326. That translates into an extra 80 pints of decent beer, at Cardiff prices, a year.

Cheap rent

Rent is slightly lower in Cardiff compared with the UK average; £804 PCM compared with the UK average of £811. Compared with London’s £1,110 per month, and Brighton’s £1,130 that’s quite a saving.

Happy travellers

Last year Cardiff rail commuters were ranked the happiest in the country. That means far less sweaty armpits in faces and people squashed in like sardines.


Cardiff City won the Championship last season to secure promotion to the Premier League, the first time the club has been in the top flight for 51 years.

A sight to see

National Geographic named Cardiff number six in the best places to visit IN THE WORLD in 2011 - even ahead of Portugal and Honduras.


You’ll get more hours of it in Cardiff than in Milan, and as being British will mean the weather will occupy 99 per cent of your small talk with strangers, the conversational outlook is looking bright.

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