David Miliband quits to join International Rescue Committee: The ‘Thunderbirds are go’ reaction


Laura Davis
Wednesday 27 March 2013 12:09

The former foreign secretary announced this morning that he was quitting as MP for South Shields.

The news comes two and a half years after the bruising Labour leadership battle which pitted the Miliband brothers against each other and was won by a whisker by Ed.

Labour leader Ed Miliband said today that British politics will be "a poorer place" without his brother David.

As he's set to join the International Rescue Committee humanitarian organisation in New York, Twitter has been inundated with Thunderbirds jokes and pictures.

As well as our own Photoshopping efforts above, here are some other reactions (and more impressive Photoshopping):

@davidschneider Here's the picture! David Miliband's first day in his new job http://twitpic.com/ceqj4p (via HuffPostUKCom Simonhume)

@RAPP_UK David Miliband turns his back on politics to join the International Rescue gang on Tracy Island. THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO!

@‏TheMichaelMoranDavid Miliband reveals new International Rescue team — http://twitpic.com/ceptm4

@ianbirrell least David Miliband won't struggle now he's joining the aid industry. Top job at his new firm earns $429,705... http://onforb.es/ZXocST

@Jackdearlove This is really appalling but you're welcome internet, David Miliband in a thunderbirds suit pic.twitter.com/PjHFVAAC8X

@BenjoMess Am I the only person in the world concerned about David Miliband becoming the new head of Thunderbirds? Guys?

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