Neigh way! MP Nadhim Zahawi apologises for stables expense claims


Sunday 10 November 2013 15:23

You’d think after the 2009 expenses scandal MPs would be slightly more careful about what they make the taxpayer fork out for.

Stratford on Avon Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi has admitted that part of his whopping £5,822 bill was for heating the stables in his second home.

So while last year saw the highest winter death rate for five years, at least his horses were kept nice and cushty.

Fortunately Zahawi has apologised and promised to pay back some of the money.

It's not quite as ridiculous as some of these former expense claims, however:

How many politicians does it take to screw in a light bulb? None. They get someone to do it for them.

David Willetts, who is ironically Tory Shadow Secretary for Innovation, Universities and Skills, had to call an electrician to install 25 light bulbs at his second home, costing £115 plus VAT.

It wasn't me...

Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith’s expense forms showed two porn films had been claimed for. Her husband Richard Timney later apologised for claiming the mucky movies on her account.

I'll teach me a thing or two about value

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Gideon Oliver Osborne once gave a speech I’m sure we all remember on “value for taxpayers’ money”. In making sure he made the most of taxpayers’ money, he bought himself a little present of two DVDs of his speech, claiming back £47.

There’s a reason Scrooge was rich

Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt, who is reportedly set to join David Cameron and George Osborne on the Cabinet rich list with the £17m sale of his company, once claimed for a 12 second phone call costing one whole penny.

Still sure to quack you up

Perhaps the most famous of all mickey-taking money-claimers was Tory MP for Gosport Peter Viggers, who claimed £1,645 on a floating duck island.

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