The Royal baby is named George Alexander Louis, but which of these Georges was he named after?


Thursday 25 July 2013 15:38
Kate, Duchess of Cambridge holds the Prince of Cambridge
Kate, Duchess of Cambridge holds the Prince of Cambridge

The Royal Baby name has been announced - it's George! But who was he named after? The obvious answer is any one of the King Georges I - VI who have reigned over our great nation. But there are other possibilities too...

1. George Harrison

The thinking man's favourite Beatle

2. George Formby

See video. The ukulele is a much under-appreciated instrument

3. George Foreman's Grill

There's no doubting that some people really like lean meat. But enough to name a child in it's honour?

4. George Lazenby

The thinking man's favourite Bond

5 . George Orwell

Although the great British writer did have mixed feelings on the monarchy himself. In a 1944 article for Partisan Review he wrote: "The function of the King in promoting stability and acting as a sort of keystone in a non-democratic society is, of course, obvious. But he also has, or can have, the function of acting as an escape-valve for dangerous emotions."

6. Gorgeous George Galloway

Not very likely, admittedly.

7. Lonesome George

If longevity is a monarch's ultimate achievement, then perhaps the royal parents had this chap in mind. The male Pinta Island tortoise was at least 100 years old when he died. No telegram from the Queen though, sadly.

8. Boy George

For services to 80s pop music

9. George Takei

Not only is Lieutenant Sulu a cult figure for Trekkies, he's also a passionate advocate for LGBT rights. For those who insist on a royal connection, note also that his father was an Anglophile who named his son after George VI.

10. George from Rainbow

The most important George in the hearts and minds of many under 5s.

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