Confused how to vote in the EU referendum? Look to Norway and Switzerland for your answer

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Sunday 22 May 2016 16:51
Britain will vote on whether to leave the EU in June
Britain will vote on whether to leave the EU in June

Having been bombarded with information from the Remain and Leave camps, far too much and mainly too insulting to analyse rationally, it seems to me that the question we need to ask ourselves before we place a cross in one of the boxes is this, "Do we want to aspire to be more like countries such as Norway and Switzerland"? They appear to be doing very nicely thank you. The answer we give ourselves determines which box we tick; Yes = Leave, No = Remain.

Roger Wilson

Hayling Island

The current unseemly phoney war amongst the stay or leave politicians is showing the public just how much the confrontational "party" system is redundant. Mark Twain called them "stretchers"; we should call them “downright extremely biased views of individuals with vested interests”. This so called debate should encourage the view that only proportional representation can possibly give us the system and MPs we should be demanding.

David Mustoe


America is what it is because, of the Union. India is prospering because it has moved from princely states to a unified enormous country. Great Britain is great because of the Union. As per the African proverb, if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to far go together. Let us remain in the European Union and have a future together.

Jehangir Sarosh


The EU referendum hyperbole will cease when a public-spirited whistleblower breaks cover to reveal the manipulation.

Geoff Naylor


The spectre of Iraq

John Rentoul should know better than to repeat the old story about Harold Wilson's legacy. Possibly his greatest gift to us was to keep us out of the Vietnam War. If journalists and historians had acknowledged and celebrated that achievement Tony Blair might have made different choices and the Middle East would have been a better place today.

Joanna Pallister


Far right wins in Austria

The result of the Austrian presidential election brings to mind the words of the Viennese writer Hans Weigel: "Please don't think evil thoughts about the Austrians. They have enough of those themselves."

John Doherty


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