Only by allowing the burkini will we foster tolerance

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Wednesday 17 August 2016 16:50
The burkini has divided readers
The burkini has divided readers

I agree with Sean O'Grady that we should be tolerant of difference, whether in dress, religion, habits or demeanour – that is, up to the point those things become deliberately aggressive, disruptive or intolerant in themselves, but even then we need to understand the motivation that people who do these things have for acting in that way.

By doing this we can understand and appreciate differences. By understanding difference and perhaps seeing a new way of doing something we actually develop as people and sometimes progress.

That is how humanity develops – not with prohibition, but with an embrace.

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The controversy over the burkini demonstrates the growing incapacity of the EU to function. Germany allows the burqa, Italy permits the burkini while France forbids both in public. I am a fervent European, but if Britain can get out of the hole that the EU has dug for itself, maybe Brexit is not such a bad idea.

Peter Fieldman


Well done Sean O’Grady in his piece on the burkini. Crocks? I wear them all the time but not away from home. Such poor taste.

Richard Roggan

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Jeremy Corbyn

So the anti-Corbyn brigade continues to find reasons to criticise. We’re back on the referendum again. When will they realise that the feelings in the country, or certain areas of the country, we’re not receptive to any pro-EU campaigning. It wouldn't have mattered what Corbyn had said or done. The official Remain group, led by David Cameron, destroyed any chance of victory by their constant, depressive “project fear” tactics. This, added to the Leave groups constant lies, convinced millions who wanted to “put two fingers up” to the Government to vote against Remain. Especially in the North of England.

When will the anti-Corbyn crew realise that after September Jeremy will still be leading the Labour Party, and get behind him.

Rod Hartley


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