ART: PRIVATE VIEW: Nick Miller Art Space Gallery, London N1

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Nick Miller has been living and painting in Ireland for 15 years, during which time he's exhibited regularly in Dublin and occasionally further afield in galleries in Holland and, more recently, America. He has worked in the Irish Museum of Modern Art and in the collection of the Irish Arts Council. He's received numerous Irish awards and bursaries - in short he's got all the right credentials, yet his work is hardly known in London, the place where he was born and brought up. Such are the vagaries of the art world.

That deserves to change and hopefully will as a small selection of large paintings go on show at the Art Space Gallery in Islington. Miller is a considerable painter, a realist in the manner of Freud or Beckmann, but with a touch that is unmistakably his own. I've known his work for a few years and have long admired the intensity and integrity with which he goes about his task, but these recent paintings reveal a new and utterly convincing confidence. The subject is a small one - mostly views of the studio with an occasional visit from his wife Noreen or a reflected self- portrait - but the scope of the pictures is huge. He's an ambitious painter and he pulls it off.

Nick Miller, Art Space Gallery, 84 St Peter's Street, London N1 (0171- 359 7002)