Being Bowie: I spent a year as David Bowie

Will Brooker, dressed as Bowie, attempted to enter into the experiences of the late star, which has resulted in the book 'Forever Stardust', which is out this week and the documentary 'Being Bowie'

Merriam-Webster sums up 2016 in one word

Adjective joins 'post-truth' and ' xenophobia' among lexicographers' top choices to sum up annus horribilis that brought us Brexit chaos, Donald Trump, strikes and multiple celebrity deaths

Sci-fi fantasy books roundup: A trend emerges for Norse mythology

David Barnett's sci-fi fantasy roundup of new and forthcoming books includes an impressive debut, 'Defender' by GX Todd, Laura Lam's 'Pantomime' and Neil Gaiman’s 'Norse Mythology'