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Book review: Pussy by Howard Jacobson

The comic fairytale that refracts contemporary America under the leadership of Donald Trump through the fictional character of Prince Fracassus was written in a hurry after the election 

Book review: Mezzogiorno: Recipes from Southern Italy

Journey into southern Italy’s ‘kitchen of the poor’ with Calabrian-born chef Francesco Mazzei, who lifts the lid on pots and pans simmering with delights such as stuffed calamari and aubergine chocolate cake 

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It’s not just millennials who need lessons on how to be a grown-up

It’s no secret – growing up can be hard to do. That’s why journalist Daisy Buchanan was inspired to write a book that’s part memoir and part self-help for her fellow millennials – but the final product bears a message that transcends its target demographic, making How to Be a Grown-Up a must-read for all ages

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Dying for Beginners review: It's a life-giving book

Former Independent journalist and editor of 'Question Time', Charlie Courtauld wrote a personal diary of his experience of having multiple sclerosis, which was published as a newspaper column and blog, before his death last year

How to make a living as an author without a publisher

After a three book deal worth £350,000 with Simon & Schuster, best-selling author Dean Crawford self-published his action adventure and science fiction books on Amazon and other digital platforms, with incredible success 

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The Rules Do Not Apply by Ariel Levy review:

After losing her baby, the journalist's honest and touching memoir, in which tragedy and other problems struck at the heart of her perfect life, is about life not always giving us what we want