Editorial The media must unite against Donald Trump's attempt to divide and rule

For British journalists, the openness and disorder of White House press briefings, which are not only on the record but televised, have always been something of a model to which to aspire. It is a backwards step, therefore, for Mr Spicer to hold a briefing off camera and with representatives of only selected media organisations

Editorial Ukip, not Labour, are set to have a leadership crisis

The weakness of Labour and Ukip, with only the mildest revival in Liberal Democrat fortunes, leaves the Conservatives as the biggest beneficiary of current trends. Labour MPs pondering whether to quit and force more by-elections may start to think twice

Editorial The NHS requires desperate reform

As the NHS creaks under the triple pressures of rising demand for instant services, a growing population living longer with chronic health conditions and falling investment in real terms, the appetite for supporting a free at the point of access service available to all is waning

Editorial The British public didn't vote for Brexit at any price

Theresa May has only proposed a parliamentary vote on which variety of Brexit we shall have; in effect a ‘Hobson’s Choice’ of a vote, with the option of not leaving the EU unreasonably closed off for Parliament and public alike. That is not the democratic way, and it’s time Labour challenged it