Food and Drink

The best of The Pie Project’s pies

Whether you love them hot, cold, big or small, The Pie Project’s pies are all deliciously sweet, with boozy fillings and delectable toppings

How Britain fell out of love with its national drink

Google has honoured the UK's favourite drink with a marvellous animation on its homepage. It is the most quintessential of beverages and everyone in the ocuntry drinks it, right? Wrong. It turns out the decades have turned a growing number of British people against their national pastime. Roberto A Ferdman tells us more

Autumnal recipes

As the weather and colours outside change, so must our ingredients and with that, our palates. Autumn brings preservatives, rich fruits and meat, root vegetables, slow cooking and full spices

September's restaurant openings

As one of the multicultural cities in the world, September welcomes new openings with Mexican, Burmese and East African ifluenced cuisines 

Craft London restaurant review

Guinea-pig style testing of innovative dishes created especially for every Tuesday’s tasting course makes for a customer-inclusive experience

Gennaro’s Italian Bakery recipes

From the king of Italian baking comes Gennaro’s latest book showcasing typical bakes of Sicily to the more unusual creations given a Gennaro twist

7 ways to save £700 a year on food

As a nation we throw away far too much food. Not only is it wasteful and bad for the environment, it’s expensive too. Here are seven ways you can save food and money

Ready, steady, batter

As the Great British Bake Off hosts its first ever Batter Week, we share some deep fat frying-worthy recipes and comfort food ideas to recreate at home

Brunch on Saturday

This time in Saturday Brunch, we're getting simple and cooking a dish in one pot, and relaxing over several courses at the Modern Pantry

M is for Mexican cookbook

A fusion of traditional and contemporary dishes with street-food inspired recipes provides a tasty introduction to Mexican gastronomy 

Will goat meat be the next big food trend?

The UK is one of the only countries in the world that doesn't commonly eat goat's meat. But that's set to change, as Lizzie Rivera finds out. Gourmet goat meat is being served at meat festival Meatopia this weekend, and it could soon be coming to a supermarket near you. Here’s how to cook it when it does…