Brunch on Saturday

This week on brunch on Saturday, we spice things up with a tapas-style brunch and try out a hearty waffle recipe at home 

Dill and chive turkey burgers, recipe

It’s a shame that turkey typically graces our tables only once a year. There’s a glut at Christmas then – poof – it disappears for another 12 months. The exception is turkey mince, which you can find reliably all year long. The cons with turkey mince are that it dries out easily and it isn’t inherently the most flavourful meat.

How to sous vide meat

Sous vide (soo veed) has been the secret of professional chefs for years as it allows them to cook amazing dishes consistently in a simple, stress-free way. It involves submerging vacuum-sealed bags of food in heated water which then cooks the ingredients to perfection.

Sweet potato and spinach falafel, recipe

There are only so many chickpeas a self-respecting vegetarian can eat before he is officially branded a hippy and bought some green jeans and sandals. They are nutritious and cheap, but it’s good to ring the changes. Which is what we’re doing with these falafel. There isn’t a pulse in sight (unless you count the chickpea flour).

Vietnamese squid salad, recipe

This scrumptious, crunchy bowl of goodness with a coconut yoghurt-based dressing is the perfect light lunch or complement to a Saigon supper

Three delicious and colourful Nathan Outlaw salad recipes

Moving from the professional kitchen to the dishes he cooks for his family and friends at his own table, Nathan Outlaw’s everyday recipes are fuss-free and will be easily devoured from breakfasts to his speciality, Sunday lunches

How to make classic Filipino dishes

With influences from Chinese and Spanish cooking, Filipino food loves sour flavours, salty meat and creamy coconut. Try Miki Garcia's classic recipes from soy pork to sweet banana and jackfruit rolls

How to make a velouté

As one of the five ‘mother sauces’ of French cuisine velouté can turn out both tasty and velvety without having to use animal stock

Leiths' guide to making chicken, vegetable and fish stock

Kitchen masterclass: As part of our new collaboration with Leiths School of Food and Wine we are going back to basics. In the second part of the series, we show you how using the best quality ingredients, a good technique and slow, gentle simmering are the secrets to a fine stock

How to brunch with your head in the clouds

This week in Brunch on Saturday, we enjoy stunning views of London at the Darwin Brasserie in the Walkie Talkie building and draw inspiration from across the Channel for French baked eggs at home