Simon Calder

Simon Calder’s career in travel started at Gatwick Airport, where he cleaned aircraft for Laker Airways and later worked as a security officer. He became The Independent’s Travel Correspondent in 1994, and is known as “the Man Who Pays His Way” because he does not accept free travel facilities. He writes across the Independent titles, as well as for the Evening Standard.

Can I really transfer between flights in just 50 minutes?

Q:  We are travelling from Aberdeen to Madrid via Frankfurt with Lufthansa. The airline has allowed us  only 50 minutes between the two flights. I know Frankfurt airport; it’s really busy. Who is responsible if we fail to catch the Madrid flight? Douglas McPherson

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'Only nine' rescue flights to leave Egypt for UK

After Friday’s chaotic scenes at Sharm el-Sheikh airport, in which only eight of the planned 29 UK evacuation flights were able to take off, nine are planned for today. On Friday congestion at the Egyptian airport and confusion about permission to fly led to most rescue flights being cancelled, diverted or kept on the ground overnight.