R.I.P. DVD commentaries, 1997 - 2016

There’s little to miss about the DVD. Not their propensity to make the picture shudder because you scratched the disc by lazily leaving it out of the case on top of the player, not the ‘you wouldn’t steal a car’ pre-film piracy warnings and certainly not the home screen menu music, that would go round in circles ad delirium when you left it on and passed out.

The best films of 2016, according to 163 critics

The BFI has conducted its annual Sight & Sound poll, asking 163 critics and curators to pick their five best films of the year, and coming out on top is a German comedy about a dad playing pranks on his estranged daughter.

Celebrating 100 years of Kirk Douglas

They don't make'em like that any more. Kirk Douglas, a towering figure in Hollywood history and a bona fide movie great, turns 100 today. Graeme Ross rounds up his top 10 film picks from a career spanning six decades