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A shameful response: David Cameron's weakness on refugee crisis leaves Britain morally diminished

It took a picture to change a “migrant crisis” into a “refugee crisis”. And so, the publication of powerful and distressing images from a beach in Turkey has forced a shift in the climate of public opinion; made the media think again about calling them “cockroaches” and the like; and, as a direct result, pushed politicians across Europe into at least talking about the issue.

Friends in need: A mutual loathing of Isis explains the thaw in

“My enemy’s enemy is my friend” is an extremely old diplomatic saw. Yesterday’s simultaneous symbolically powerful reopening of embassies in London and Tehran shows it is no less apposite nowadays. For it is unlikely indeed that such a thaw in relations would have been achieved so rapidly had the British and Iranians realised that they both have something of an existential enemy in common – Isis.

Editorial: Airports must give VAT back to passengers, not HMRC

All summer long, airports across Britain have been breaking records. Today, Manchester airport is expecting to handle more passengers than on any previous day – close to 100,000. Many of those travellers will be flying beyond Europe, and therefore could be paying more than they should for “airside” purchases.

Editorial: Tackling Calais crisis alone doesn't go to root of problem

If nothing else, the Home Secretary, Theresa May, showed that the British talent for understatement is alive and well when she remarked that Calais has had a “difficult summer”. In signing an agreement with her French counterpart to take more co-ordinated and effective action to deal with some of the roots of the problem, she and the French government also displayed a refreshing willingness to work together rather than trade cross-Channel insults. They also showed a readiness to take seriously the smuggling gangs, throughout Europe and some from Britain, that have done so much to create human misery.

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The medical profession no longer have faith in Jeremy Hunt

The Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, can expect another disturbed weekend unless he switches off his smartphone. He has managed to antagonise doctors so significantly over his plans to implement a seven-day working week that it inspired a social media campaign against him.