Corbyn is right on immigration – now he must convince the electorate

Mr Corbyn will have to master his conviction on immigration and refine his offer to the people into a bigger set of migration policies. These must refuse to shrug off the benefits of attracting incomers, while still accepting that there are some Labour voters who feel ignored when they express concerns about rapid cultural change or alien influences in their communities.

Hinkley could turn out to be an enormous white elephant

The fact remains that the price the Government has agreed that consumers should pay for power from Hinkley is twice that of prevailing wholesale electricity prices, which have fallen sharply since it was first conceived. What will Chancellor Philip Hammond do if he finds the developers at his door with their caps in their hands? 

America and China need to cooperate on North Korea

The Middle East which has been at the centre of the West’s focus since 9/11. Yet throughout this period, the rogue regime which has the greatest potential to damage global security – North Korea – has remained largely unaffected by attempts to bring it to heel

Government action on Sports Direct was laudable - but not enough

A real wage that is adjusted for inflation has hardly budged for most workers in a decade, and there seems little hope of salaries growing in the near future, as Brexit and an uncertain outlook for the world economy put steady downward pressure on the labour market

Our railways are a disaster – nationalisation would not help

'Nationalisation' is a word that falls readily form the lips of Jeremy Corbyn and others with short memories. Under British Rail from 1948 to 1994, the UK's rail network was notorious for poor service, over mighty unions and government interference 

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