May made an impossible demand on the EU

The UK wants to continue to pay a full role in the EU, which it is entitled to, and would be fine if it were to be positive; but vetoing any number of federalist moves, for example on defence co-operation, seems in bad taste for a departing member of the club

Donald Trump should be condemned by UK politicians

It should be possible for British leaders to say that it is up to Americans who they vote for, but make it clear that, as with any other nation, it is more difficult to deal with a person who demeans women, Muslims and many others

Brexit is a chance to make Britain green again

Rather than having policy primarily aimed at protecting agricultural incomes, or, more likely, profits, and raising production for self-sufficiency, the government’s rural policy could be devoted is instead to protection of the environment and biodiversity

Theresa May’s honeymoon is now over

David Cameron described Boris Johnson as really a ‘confused Inner’. No wonder some Conservative MPs are so pleased it was Ms May who became Prime Minister

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Hinkley could turn out to be an enormous white elephant

The fact remains that the price the Government has agreed that consumers should pay for power from Hinkley is twice that of prevailing wholesale electricity prices, which have fallen sharply since it was first conceived. What will Chancellor Philip Hammond do if he finds the developers at his door with their caps in their hands?