Sitting Bull, Buffalo Bill and the circus of lies

A new book describes how Native American culture was consumed and repackaged by show business. Its author, Eric Vuillard, explores into the relationship between two of the main characters in this travesty

My non-speaking part in the wars

A job on a film led a gap-year kid to ‘extras boot camp’: a meeting in that make-believe world changed his life forever

The rise in 'literary' crime novels

There's absolutely nothing wrong with crime fiction that has no deeper ambition than to keep the reader turning the pages. But it’s nice to have added value with a writer who is concerned with the quality of their prose – not at the expense of storytelling momentum, but taking that extra iota of care over language.

Why I wrote a book about watching the deterioration of my son

Lu Spinney’s new book about her son suffering from brain damage reignited the debate about assisted dying. It was described as ‘inspirational’ and ‘beautiful’ by readers. Here she explains why she wrote the book and the effect it had on her and her family