Will Eisner and the evolution of the graphic novel

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the American graphic-novel pioneer Will Eisner, with a starring role at a festival in France and an exhibition at New York's Museum of Illustration

India’s secret master of Second World War espionage

Under the codename of Silver, Bhagat Ram Talwar spied for Britain, Germany, Russia, Japan and Italy in the space of five years during the Second World War, but author Mihir Bose uncovers how his true loyalties lay with Indian independence

Being Bowie: I spent a year as David Bowie

Will Brooker, dressed as Bowie, attempted to enter into the experiences of the late star, which has resulted in the book 'Forever Stardust', which is out this week and the documentary 'Being Bowie'

Elena Ferrante uncovered

The writer behind the bestselling Neapolitan crime novels has avoided having her work put into the boxes reserved for women writers – romance and chick lit

Sitting Bull, Buffalo Bill and the circus of lies

A new book describes how Native American culture was consumed and repackaged by show business. Its author, Eric Vuillard, explores into the relationship between two of the main characters in this travesty