What it’s like on the set of a Disney teen musical

A half hour drive from the appropriately named Holywood in Northern Ireland I arrive at the Montalto Estate. It’s a beautiful series of buildings, all old stone chambers, imposing beams and vibrant flowers. The flowers are luminous in fact, making the estate look as though it was given a light seasoning by a fairy, and it’s only when I get close to them I realise they’re completely fake, because today, and for the past eleven weeks, the place isn’t a wedding venue but the HQ for Disney’s new teen musical, The Lodge.

Inside the Middle East's biggest refugee camp

Jordan has welcomed hundreds of thousands of refugees. A new documentary shows the human side of life in Zaatari, a Syrian camp the size of Bath. The Independent talks to two of the film's presenters 

Game of Thrones finally fulfilled its dark feminist promise

As long as I've been a full-time professional critic, I've been writing about Game of Thrones, and specifically about the idea that George RR Martin's sprawling series and the HBO drama adapted from it are, at their core, about the poisonous influence of misogyny on men, women and whole nations.