Daptone Records spreads its wings

The studio and label that gave Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson their distinctive retro-soul sound is branching out into garage rock and reggae with releases from different artists

Testicular cancer survivor releases charity album to raise awareness

DIY music promoter Stephen Sinnott-Clarke was diagnosed with testicular cancer in May 2014, which prompted a 14-month struggle with the disease. On the 1-year anniversary of being given the all-clear, he’s released a charity album in aid of CheckEmLads to help raise awareness

An extract from The Age of Bowie

The scrap over a girlfriend that led Bowie to suffer anisocoria, which caused his different coloured eyes, and his first hit single 'Space Oddity'

Neil Young Hung Up on Me

Zach Schonfeld tries to discuss high-end portable sound systems, animal sounds and Young’s new live album, ‘Earth’, but doesn’t have much luck... 

Loved the music, hated the bigots

Forty years ago this summer, when Rock Against Racism was born, photographer Syd Shelton was there to record it. As his new show opens, he explains how a musical youth movement stemmed the rising tide of prejudice