Metronomy interview: ‘A return to form’

Joseph Mount is not a nostalgic person. You might think the mastermind of Metronomy is, given that his latest album is entitled Summer 08. Certainly French journalists do, since their press release states it’s a “nostalgic” album, and resulting interview questions have been vexing him.

How international music festivals are battering UK ones

Thom Yorke walks back out on stage to raucous applause from a crowd stretching as far as the eye can see. “Can you turn the fucking monitors back on, please?” he shouts down the mic at Primavera Sounds’ over-zealously punctual stage team. For a breathtaking moment it seems as if there will be no encore, but with a few taps from the drums Radiohead launch into ‘Creep’ for the second time live in 10 years. 

Wolf Alice interview

Mercury-nominated band Wolf Alice's singer and guitarist Ellie Rowsell talks about performing at Glastonbury and why she feels lonely as a girl in rock music