Get ready for your own Truman Show with the Memoto Camera


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The police state George Orwell created in 1984 was relentlessly efficient. Nothing was overlooked, nothing was missed, but even Eric Blair himself might be shocked by the round-the-clock surveillance efficiency of the latest bit of consumer tech to hit the market. Called the Memoto Camera, it allows you to "capture and re-live every memorable moment of your life".

The tiny device clips on to you and charts your day in real time, capturing moments "before you even realise how special they are". Currently in development, it will cost $279 and use GPS to time- and location-stamp each photo before you download it to your computer or smartphone.

But who on earth has an interesting enough life to document every waking moment of it? And who would really want to? "The Memoto Camera is for anyone that wants to be able to relive memorable moments of their life," says Oskar Kalmaru, the firm's co-founder.

But that doesn't explain away the other 23 hours and 57 minutes of each day. The concept seems likely to become a reality – the company has raised $450,000 from Kickstarter to bring the camera to market. Big Brother, it seems, has plenty of willing recruits.