Better Rugby Refereeing, by Ed Morrison and Derek Robinson

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Not so very long ago, rugby union referees were instructed that only three signals were necessary: scrum, penalty kick and try. Nowadays, wired for sound, they indicate their decisions clearly by word and deed, but what has actually happened in some of the more technical areas of the game such as scrums, rucks and mauls remains opaque to many spectators. For these, this book is as much of a boon as it is for officials. And its format, a dialogue between the vastly experienced Ed Morrison, who refereed the 1995 World Cup final, and Derek Robinson, equally experienced at grass-roots level, makes for a far breezier read than the rather bland title would suggest. After reading it, you will view any game of rugby in far more informed fashion; you may never become a whistle-blower yourself, but at least you can learn the secrets.

Published in paperback by Whistle Books, available by mail order only at £7.99 inc p&p. Cheques payable to: Torbay Mailing Services Ltd, PO Box 11, Paignton, Devon TQ3 2BF