Provided You Don't Kiss Me, by Duncan Hamilton

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Outspoken, often outrageous, always ready with a quotable quote, a proven winner at club level, the people's choice as England football manager. But Brian Clough never became the nation's special one, and this enthralling book goes a long way to explaining why. Reporting football for the 'Nottingham Evening Post' for 20 years, Duncan Hamilton was Old Big 'Ead's confidant, ghost writer and friend, coming to know him better, as he poignantly con-fesses, than his own father. He does not shy away from the less appealing sides of Clough's nature the drinking, the rages, the love of money but offers unparalleled insight into the good as well as the bad as he chronicles Clough's years at Nottingham Forest, as club and manager rose and fell together. The judges of the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award said that, despite a very strong shortlist, they were unanimous in declaring this beautifully crafted memoir the winner. Read it, and you will understand why.

Published by Fourth Estate in hardback, 14.99