Album: John Cage, The Works for Percussion 1 (Mode)

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Despite the title, this 43rd volume of Mode's John Cage Edition focuses more on his early experiments with radios, tape and turntables.

The main percussive elements feature in "Imaginary Landscape 2", where among the pots and pans lurk conch shell, door-buzzer, waste bin and Slinky coil. Elsewhere, Cage's specified 78rpm recordings of Shostakovich, Beethoven, Wagner and Tchaikovsky are employed in two versions of "Credo in Us", while the excerpts of 42 jazz records used in "Imaginary Landscape 5" are determined according to I Ching directions. The results are, literally, hit and miss, but absorbing.

DOWNLOAD THIS: Credo in Us 1; Imaginary Landscape 5; Imaginary Landscape 2