My Edinburgh: Jessie Cave, Comedian/Actress


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My family are here to help me. I managed to get them Underbelly passes with their roles on. For example, Mum: Main Assistant. Brother: General Assistant. Brother's Girlfriend: Bonus Assistant. They help me with props and pep talks.

I made a strict 'What We Are Seeing' itinerary because I think organised fun is the best kind of fun. We’ve been seeing a show every day, but only after our regimented Royal Mile morning begging slot.

I may have got a bit too much into my character as Book Club Hostess for my fictional book club 'Bookworms United', (on which my show is based). I hoped to have calmed down now the festival is under way. I am in admiration of those with strong party / performance stamina, but mine may need to be built up.

Although it is sweet that my mum accepts every flyer on offer and talks to the flyerer at great length, it does slow us down somewhat and could become a problem because she is a hoarder.

My organisation skills paid off in signing up early for Daniel Kitson tickets, and I keep spotting the magnificent clown Doctor Brown in flip-flops around town. I am trying to gauge if my mum and young sister are ready for his kind of audience man-handling.

Jessie Cave is performing ‘Bookworm’ at the Underbelly Cowgate, 2.30pm, until 26th August

Must see

The first show we saw was Nick Mohammed, who is so likeable as his number-centric rubix-cubed character Mr Swallow. I’m definitely going to see Daniel Simonsen, Sheeps, Adam Kay, Totally Tom, Rhys Darby, Max and Ivan. Posters have been another way of choosing things to see, and I think Ben Target made a good choice with his anonymous posters and small pink circular flyers.