Vic and Bob raise a cheer with Afternoon Delights

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Following on from its partnership with Steve Coogan, which produced some acclaimed internet shorts featuring Alan Partridge, corporate comedy sponsor Foster's is about to unleash Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer's Afternoon Delights on the web.

It will see the madcap pair in an online series of 20 original sketches that can be seen on weekdays exclusively on the Foster's comedy website.

The sketches go live on Monday but a sneak peek at them came at a recent intimate launch at London's Roxy Bar & Screen venue where the duo were in attendance.

Of the 20 sketches filmed an invited audience saw six. They included the Free Runners a snapshot of two middle-aged championship urban runners, in their words, waging "war on the urban environment" by jumping on and off concrete blocks.

Some sketches, including Careless Bloodhound Owners, didn't make the cut, with Bob Mortimer admitting, "It had a certain charm but it was a bit cruel."

Of their experience of filming for the internet, an on-message Vic Reeves quipped: "We've gone back to our roots, doing it for Foster's, which is how we started. If there's a camera there we turn up, even if you pay us peanuts – we're not bothered."

'Vic & Bob's Afternoon Delights' is broadcast every weekday 4 to 29 July on