Glenn Wool: No Lands Man, Assembly George Square

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Returning to the Fringe after furthering his career in the US, Glenn Wool presents a triptych show built around Americans, with a routine on their customs officers, a story about missing an Iron Maiden gig in Belgium and musings on life as a beaver.

It's typical of Wool to mix sure-fire observations with stories and then a really bad section that is faintly surreal, but ultimately ridiculous. His show posters hint at more of a free-for-all travelogue and suggests that he might have better tales to replace the latter section.

Though I was braced for the throwaway element later on, Wool's show begins with such conviction that he seemed set to deliver his best show since 2006. Not quite, but there was much to enjoy, for 40 minutes, at least. "If Mexicans were as lazy as you think they are, they would be as fat as your kids," is his splendid riposte to a certain kind of American he encountered on his journey.

His routine about the killing of Osama Bin Laden is sharp, noting that the way in which it was done was manna from heaven for stoner conspiracy theorists and speculating that his body was treated to a Weekend at Bernie's-style send off by US troops. Clever, witty, irreverent and all at sea, another aborted operation from Wool.

To 29 August (0131 623 3030)