The Imaginary Radio Programme: Drennon Davis, Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh


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If you add “with Monique Moreau on keyboard” to the self-explanatory title of this show then you get exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a simple recipe to prepare and serve: the American duo pretend to dial surf through the airwaves in order to pastiche various musical styles.

From fictional stations such as ‘K-RAP’ to real ones, like Oldies 104 no genre is safe. For these examples Davis, his foot never far from a sampler pedal, raps about his average-sized genitals. Meanwhile for Oldies 104 he introduces the notion of “Last Request Tuesdays.”

The pair’s lo-fi indie kid appearance belies some of their darker material, for example an RnB duet in which Moreau is upbeat about her vacuous life while Davis is on the slippery slope to suicide. Throughout Davis ably voices various DJs as if they were Simpsons characters, with sly patter like: “Wham was a pretty good band. The gay version of Duran, Duran.”

You can see why celebrated and quirky comedy duo The Pajama Men (who don’t appear in the show but introduce it as an audio track at the start) have chosen to produce the show which, arguably, could work just as well as a podcast. Perhaps more use could have been made of the animations on the screen behind, but this is a brisk hour - more good than ga-ga.

Til 26th August, 0131 623 3030