Fringe notes: 24/08/10

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* Not usually one to take things lying down, Stewart Lee responded to a punchline-spoiling heckle on Friday with a five-minute silence before, umm, lying down to deliver the rest of his set on his back. Earlier, he held a book launch at the Festival Theatre. Guests of honour? Frank Chickens. This one will run and run.

* The Edge Festival really gets going this week. Highlights include The Eels tomorrow, Dizzee Rascal on Thursday and Modest Mouse on Sunday.

* 'Celebrity Autobiography' is a deceptively simple idea that looks ripe for a life beyond the Fringe. 'Ugly Betty''s Michael Urie, Tiffany Stevenson and Bridget Christie read out egregious extracts from the memoirs of Elizabeth Taylor, Sly Stallone and Peter Andre, among others, to hilarious effect.