Cultural Life: Harriet Walter, actress

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I was offered a part in the TV series 'Little Dorrit' and I thought it was a lovely excuse to tackle the mighty 900-page Dickens novel, with a good reason for it. It was an utter feast! I laughed out loud, and I didn't think I would.


Although I didn't take the part, I'd have to say I enjoyed watching 'Little Dorrit', but for completely different reasons. I thought Claire Foy, who played Amy Dorrit, did it really well. Dickens is a man of the theatre and his observations of characters are so completely perfect for actors.


I saw the French film, 'Let's Talk About the Rain' by Agnès Jaoui. She acted in, wrote and directed the film. I love most of her work, and that was her latest one. I thought it was a brilliant examination of siblings and families; basically what the French do best.


I've bought a Ray Charles CD to listen to in my car. I heard my nephew, Jackson Scott, play with his band Mano de Dios at Ronnie Scott's, and he's getting a name. He was brought up in Spain and is a classical guitarist by training, but he works with many South American/Spanish musicians.

Harriet Walter appears in the film 'The Young Victoria', out on 6 March, and will star in 'Law and Order: London' on ITV1