Dil Bole Hadippa! Shak interviews Rani Mukherji

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Whether you've always been curious about all this song and dance palaver or you're already an impassioned Bollywood fan, hopefully our new series of Bollywood podcasts and interviews will soon be your number one stop for the latest Bollywood film releases and where you'll come to hear the stars.

If you know nothing about Bollywood but have certain stereotypes in mind, you might be surprised to learn that these days, there's less running across fields and dancing around trees, and sometimes you actually see kissing!

Dil Bole Hadippa! (The Heart Shouts Hurrah!) - a typically silly title but perfectly summarizing the aura of this colourful, vibrant, happy and fun family movie. Exactly what you want on the weekend of one of the most celebrated festivals of the Asian calendar - Eid! Is it still a man's, man's man's world? Of course it is. That's why a fesity Punjabi girl (played by husky voiced and multi-talented, Rani Mukherji) has to put on a (very convincing) stick-on moustache and beard and dress up as a Sikh man, to pursue her dreams of playing Cricket in India's big league. Her (his?!) romantic interest in the movie is played by Shahid Kapur - notoriously one of the best dancers in the industry. Which is a good thing since the soundtrack to DBH! is ear-catchingly brilliant.

Rani came to town on Monday 14th September and gave us hungry broadcasters an open and pleasant press conference. Shame I was fasting so couldn't tuck into all the food and drink they had on offer. This is the perfect place to introduce our first interview. Click below to hear my full conversation with the stupidly sexy Rani Mukherji and look at a couple of promos from the movie. Feedback is always welcome, hope you enjoy it!