Take two for David Mackenzie as he releases 'You Instead' and 'Perfect Sense'

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Scottish film-maker David Mackenzie's works – Young Adam, Hallam Foe – appear every couple of years. Which makes the arrival of his new projects – the rock festival rom-com You Instead and "kitchen sink sci-fi" Perfect Sense, starring Ewan McGregor and Eva Green – surprising, given that they are being released three weeks apart. Never mind vying for business against other films – Mackenzie is now competing against himself.

"It seemed appropriate to put You Instead out when people were still nostalgic for their summer of festivals," says the director. "Perfect Sense has a very different energy. It wasn't deliberate to put these films out at the same time."

Mackenzie shot Perfect Sense, then started rehearsing You Instead in the same Glasgow building where he was finishing Perfect Sense post-production.

"Normally after you finish a movie you try and get your life back," he notes, "but I didn't get that feeling of a slump. Perfect Sense takes on big themes and You Instead is an entertaining rom-com, so it was quite nice to disengage from the heavy stuff."

'You Instead' is out 16 September; 'Perfect Sense' is out 7 October