The Word On...Brideshead Revisited

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"What we crave here is subtlety, a more nuanced approach to such complex subjects. Instead, we must make do with dreamy portraits of the English landscape, and a clutch of beautiful young things." -

"At a mere two hours, it's an experience for newcomers to Waugh's story, not hardcore superfans who've read the book and own the DVDs and follow the career of Jeremy Irons and go on tourist junkets to Castle Howard (the location used for this version and the miniseries). You know who you are. For the rest of you? It's tea time."

Dave White,

"It's a satisfying journey with top-notch performances – especially Thompson as the Catholic control freak – even if Ben Whishaw over-eggs the grand campery. Purists may baulk at Jarrold's liberties with the text but it's a well-constructed story that works on many levels. If you enjoyed the book or the series, revisit Brideshead."

Tim Evans,

"It's not that this is a pointless film; more that it is a dry run for a film that does have a point. It's not even a film without ambition, trying to be all intellectual for grown-up audiences, but it's just not that good at it. At least there's part of a good movie here, and at least it's the pretty part."

Tim Brayton,