Film trailer: Mel Gibson in 'The Beaver'

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The upcoming drama The Beaver, directed by Jodie Foster and starring Foster and Mel Gibson, posted its first trailer on December 4.

The story follows a man suffering from depression who finds his way back to his family and wife with the help of a therapeutic hand puppet.

The footage shows Gibson estranged from his family and wife, played by Foster, until he discovers a beaver puppet whom he speaks through. He brings it to the office at a toy company, and as it helps give him a voice to work out his problems, he slowly reclaims his life. The film also features Anton Yelchin ( Star Trek, Terminator Salvation).

Due to the media attention around Gibson's personal scandal with a separation and custody battle, the film has been delayed until a spring release in the US.

So far, the film opens in the Netherlands on January 6, Norway on January 14, and then in the UK on February 11.