Movie clips library to be posted on YouTube

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Relive cinema moments from Robert Pattinson as vampire Edward in The Twilight Saga to Bela Lugosi as Dracula: the largest collection of licensed Hollywood film clips on the web on has been compiled with Google to bring more than 20,000 excerpts to YouTube.

Movieclips announced the partnership with Google on August 9, according to The Wrap, stating the clips will be made available on YouTube's Video on Demand (VOD) platform in the Movie Extras as well as on Movieclips' YouTube channel.

Excerpts from the libraries of six major Hollywood studios have been coded by Movieclips to allow viewers to search by actor, title, genre and other categories such as setting, mood, theme and occasion, from bad guys to anime.

"By making our clips accessible on the biggest video platform on the web, we unlock the power of movie clips to promote feature film purchase and rental," said Movieclips co-founder Richard Raddon in a press release.

Movieclips' intention is to follow the model of Machinima with video games and VEVO with music videos on YouTube.

YouTube's Video on Demand:

The Movieclips YouTube channel: