Netflix to launch on Facebook in Canada and Latin America

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Facebook users who subscribe to Netflix, the US-based supplier of video-on-demand and films on DVD, will be able to integrate the two services this fall - in Canada and Latin America only, so far.

The announcement was made in a second quarter report on July 27 to investors, as reported in the Los Angeles Times.

Due to legalities in the US related to the Video Privacy Protection Act, a 1988 law that forbids the disclosure of people's video rental information, the popular social network won't be connected to the film service.

Netflix is being cautious since Blockbuster, a video rental service, was previously sued by a customer who claimed that her rental history was shared on Facebook through the recommendations feature.

So US Netflix users won't be able to connect via Facebook. "Under the VPPA, it is ambiguous when and how a user can give permission for his or her video viewing data to be shared," wrote Netflix and CFO chief executive Reed Hastings.