Ben-Hur trailer: a 3D remake has slipped through the cracks

Jack Huston will tackle the role played by Charlton Heston in William Wyler's 1959 classic

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Ben-Hur, starring Charlton Heston, was released in 1959. It was nominated for 11 Oscars, all of which it went on to win (the first film to achieve such a feat, repeated only twice since by Titanic and The Return of the King).

But it turns out not even an esteemed classic such as this can evade the Hollywood remake - you can watch the trailer for it below.

What's strangest of all is how unheralded the whole thing feels: with this year's blockbuster talk focusing on Batman v Superman, Finding Dory and Star Wars prequel Rogue One, it almost seems a shame that a new Ben-Hur film has slipped under the radar as just another swords and sandal classic getting the Digital 3D once-over. 

In a somewhat savvy manner, however, the film isn't being billed as a remake but as an adaptation of Lew Wallace's 1880 novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ.

Jack Huston will star in Heston's role as the titular protagonist who survives years of slavery to take vengeance on his best friend who betrayed him.

Also starring is Morgan Freeman, Toby Kebbell and Nazanin Boniadi while Rodrigo Santoro will play Jesus. On directing duties we have Timur Bekmambetov, the man behind the enjoyable thrillers Night Watch and Wanted.

Of course, we'll reserve judgement until the film is released on 26 August but we can't help but shudder at the thought of a chariot race in 3D. Who knows, maybe it'll be this year's Mad Max: Fury Road.