Cannes Diary: How Jodie got her man

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Jodie Foster said yesterday it was "natural" for her to ask Mel Gibson to star in The Beaver. She said: "I've been friends with Mel for over 15 years and we've had many, many long discussions about life and so it was a natural place to go."

Scottish reels

The Edinburgh International Film Festival announced its full line-up at Cannes yesterday. A third of its films will be documentaries, with the festival opening with John Michael McDonagh's Irish comedy thriller The Guard starring Brendan Gleeson and Don Cheadle.

When Ronald met Mikhail

Ridley Scott is to direct Cold War drama Reykjavik, it was announced yesterday. The film tells of a mid-1980s meeting between US President Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev which brought about the end of the Cold War.

How low can you go?

Lars Von Trier offered a back-handed compliment to Kirsten Dunst, who appears in his latest film Melancholia, being screened in competition. "I think she's one hell of an actress. She is much more nuanced than I thought and she has the advantage of having had a depression of her own."