Crocodile Dundee hunts lost $34m from 'bowler hat Englishman' tax adviser


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Crocodile Dundee star Paul Hogan is on the trail of his former tax adviser, claiming the so-called “bowler hat Englishman” has made off with $34 million (£22 million).

Hogan, who became an international star following the success of Crocodile Dundee in 1986, has filed papers in the US alleging Philip Egglishaw had stolen millions from him.

There is a warrant out for Egglishaw’s arrest over a long running tax case in Australia. Swiss newspaper Le Matin Dimanche claims that a bank account at the Corner Bank run by Egglishaw’s accountancy Strachans has $34 million of Hogan’s money which has sat for almost 20 years, but the actor cannot access it.

Hogan’s lawyer Schuyler Moore has filed with the Californian District Court alleging the accountant had “absconded with or spent all” of Hogan’s money.

Hogan has already settled a case with the Australian Tax Office, which has spent years investigating Egglishaw’s clients.

Hogan's US lawyer Craig Emanuel told the Sydney Morning Herald: "For a variety of ethical reasons, I am not available to comment on your inquiries."

The actor's Australian lawyer, Andrew Robinson, also declined to comment on the case to The Australian newspaper.