Into the Inferno: Watch the trailer for Werner Herzog's new Netflix documentary

'There was a scientific side to our journey, but what we were really chasing was the magical side' 

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For Werner Herzog fans, 2016 has already been somewhat a treat; the release of Lo and Behold marking another fantastic documentary by the director, while his fictional thriller, Salt and Fire, debuted at film festivals. 

Later this month, another documentary by Herzog touches down, Into the Inferno, about active volcanoes around the world and the people that live in awe of them.

The critically acclaimed documentary -  which debuted at Telluride Film Festival in September and will reach Netflix on the 28 October - has finally received its first trailer.

Herzog’s iconic voice echoes out over explosive imagery and footage of those who both worship and live nearby the volcanoes of Indonesia, Iceland, North Korea and Ethiopia. 

Into the Inferno marks yet another piece of critically acclaimed content from Netflix in recent months, being released a week after season three of Black Mirror, itself only two weeks on from Luke Cage and the Amanda Knox documentary.