Passengers trailer: Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt get a rude awakening

The pair star as interstellar travellers trapped 90 years away from their final destination

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We've been offered a new look at one of the most hotly-anticipated offerings of the year - the Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence-starring sci-fi Passengers.

Directed by Morten Tyldum, the film sees the A-list pair play travellers on an interstellar spaceship bound for a new planet set for human colonisation. Unfortunately, their hibernation pods are mistakenly deactivated, leaving them awake and trapped a full 90 years away from their destination; as they deal with their grim new situation, the pair slowly fall in love while attempting to prevent the imminent collapse of their ship.  

The new trailer is a pretty interesting move for Passengers' overall marketing; a film that's so far been sold to audiences as an interstellar love story - or the obligatory onscreen pairing of two of Hollywood's most adorkable human beings. 

Here, the focus seems very much on pushing the film as an epic sci-fi adventure; with plenty of gasping, explosions, and concerned looks at digital control panels. It'll be interesting to see how the film's final balance of tone pans out, especially considering the fact it appeared on 2007’s Black List of the best unfilmed scripts.

"It’s one of those stories that really grabs you and you fall in love with it," Tyldum told Entertainment Weekly of the script. "It’s very smart and funny and clever and such a page-turner I couldn’t put it down. Every 10 pages, something new happens! At the same time, it’s a very intimate movie while taking place on this epic scale."

"For me, it’s a story about what’s important to live a full life. What are the things we need as humans? It’s not afraid to entertain, but at the same time, it asks big questions about what does it mean to really feel happy. Every generation has its love story. I feel like this is it. I had to do it."

Passengers hits UK cinemas 21 December.