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Grist to the Milla

For most it is no news flash that critics of Hollywood think the town churns out movies that cater to the lowest, most miserable denominator. So when it emerged that plans were already drawn up for a fifth outing of Resident Evil as the fourth one hit the screens, emotions ran high. "As long as there are fan boys clamouring for more of this brainless plotless slop, airbrushed eye candy and increasingly ridiculous wire stunts... they'll get it," was one reaction. But for every angry web head, there are three excited fan boys, delighted at the prospect of Milla Jovovich (above left) kicking otherworldly butt dressed in tight clothing. But perhaps for the first time, one debater volunteered the theory that the films were spoiling the image of the computer game that originally spawned the pictures. Now that's a turnaround. At least Jovovich will be back for the fifth and suggested that perhaps ideas for the next instalment may come from suggestions on Twitter, via one of her own tweets.

Audiences on tap

If there's a target audience largely regarded as untapped so far, you can bet your bottom dollar movie-making corporations will try and tap into it. So it comes as no surprise that Lionsgate, the backers of movies such as the Saw franchise, is teaming with Mexico's behemoth Grupo Televisa. Why? To target the Latino movie-going market of course. Lionsgate and the Latin media group are looking to jointly tap what they regard as an underserved market of around 26 million Hispanic American movie-goers with a slate of eight to 10 films a year. That's a lot of tickets to chase.

Double Sandler

Times are tough and everyone accepts that. But this tough? Columbia Pictures is backing plans to bankroll the next adventure for Adam Sandler (above centre), in which he plays twins. Of different sexes. The Big Daddy star is being lined up to play them in Jack and Jill, directed by Dennis Dugan. In the film, Jack, a family man, has to deal with his twin sister, Jill, when she visits for Thanksgiving, then won't leave. Sandler will be busy on the film because, aside from playing twins of different sexes, he will also produce the picture under his own production banner, Happy Madison, with partner Jack Giarraputo. Katie Holmes (above right) and Al Pacino are lined up to star opposite Sandler.