Also showing: Iron Man 3 and White Elephant

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Iron Man 3 (130 mins, 12A)

Superhero franchises always seem to get over-crowded two or three films into the series, with too many characters and not enough reasons to sympathise with any of them. Iron Man 3 is no exception. Robert Downey Jr's motormouthed boffin is jostled by countless sidekicks, both robotic and human, while bad-guy duties are divvied up between Ben Kingsley, Guy Pearce and an army of super soldiers. There's still snappy comedy and exciting action amid the clutter, but a rethink is necessary before Iron Man 4.

White Elephant (110 mins, 15)

Two priests (Ricardo Darin and Jérémie Renier) have different approaches to helping the indigent residents of a hellish Buenos Aires shanty town. Pablo Trapero (Carancho, Lion's Den) has hit upon an amazing setting for his latest drama, but it feel as if two hours of crucial scenes have been edited out.