Also showing: The Devil's Business and The Bird

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The Devil's Business (75 mins, 18)

A seasoned hitman and his callow apprentice wait in a dark suburban house for their target to come home, but events take a turn for the supernatural. A spooky hybrid of East End gangster movie and Hammer Horror film, The Devil's Business could hardly look any cheaper or ropier, but there's enough intelligence in the play-like dialogue to make you wish it had been filmed by a better director with a bigger budget.

The Bird (91 mins, 12A)

A taciturn woman (Sandrine Kiberlain) potters around Bordeaux, making more of a connection with the feral pigeon in her flat than with any of her friends and colleagues. The reason for her isolation is moving, when it emerges, but Kiberlain's introverted performance keeps the viewer, as well as the film's other characters, at arm's length. Very French.